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Protect Health and Independence With Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Our personal emergency response system can provide the protection you need in an emergency and allow you to age at home with more independence.
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Personal Emergency Response Services in USA

With our PERS devices, you can get the emergency medical alert support you need with just the touch of a button. They can be worn as an emergency response bracelet or as a necklace, and they can ensure that you get the help you need when you need it. Once the button is pressed, our Personal Emergency Response devices can activate the base station to connect you with an emergency response operator. From there, the operator will see what kind of help you need and make sure you get the appropriate response. This could be as simple as contacting a family member on your contact list or calling to dispatch emergency services.

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Features and Benefits of Our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

We understand that different people have different needs when it comes to personal emergency alert systems. That is why we offer emergency medical alert services with an array of elderly alert systems and devices to meet the needs of different people. These are some of the features and benefits that are available from Lifelink USA medical emergency alert systems.

Protect Yourself With Lifelink USA

No one wants to be a burden to their loved ones or lose their freedom. Through our Digital Healthcare Solutions from Lifelink USA, We have the opportunity to change the concept of common home healthcare. We can help people look forward to rather than dread support from others.

Choose Your Best PERS Medical Alert System

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is a great way to ensure the safety of senior citizens with different needs. We offer an array of devices that can help you find what device is right for your situation.

Affordable Medical Alert Systems Senior Citizens Service

Lifelink USA offers some of the most reliable solutions for senior alert systems in the USA.
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$34.95 / Monthly
Our in-home senior alert devices can be a vital lifeline in the event of an emergency. The two-way speaker enables clear contact with our emergency response operators at the touch of a button, and our operators may remain on the line with you until assistance arrives.
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On The GO

$34.95 / Monthly
With our On-The-Go PERS devices, you can take the protection wherever you go and it works with the AT&T® cellular network. They have two-way audio and GPS locator, plus the system is light and easy to wear for people who live more active lives.
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Mobile LTE

$34.95 / Monthly
Our LTE medical alert system can provide protection without the need for a landline. It has two-way audio for easy communication and advanced GPS locator so you can be found no matter where you are when you need assistance.

Peace of Mind With Lifelink USA

Lifelink USA is a nationwide company and we take great pride in the medical alert monitoring services we provide in the community. Whether you need protection for yourself or a loved one, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our support professionals are standing by to take your call.
Protect Family, Health, & Independence Live With Peace of Mind

The reality is that we are more susceptible to injury and illness as we get older. This problem can be even worse if we live or spend a lot of time alone in our homes. If you fall and suffer an injury, would you be able to get to your phone? Who would come to your aid if you had an accident? What if you suffer an injury that renders you unconscious? These are all issues that an older person should consider.

Even beyond providing the necessary assistance in the event of an accident, an emergency response button provides peace of mind. With a PERS button, you can wear comfortably as a necklace, bracelet or on your belt, you know that you will be able to summon the help you need if an accident does occur. Getting emergency support is vital, but knowing that you have protection can provide peace of mind in your everyday life.

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Protect Your Health and Safety Inside and Outside 24/7

Health becomes an issue for us all as we age. Even if you work to stay fit, your balance and agility can start to go. Your body can also be more prone to things like broken bones and soft-tissue injuries. Even a simple fall that would not have been a big deal in your younger days can lead to serious injury. In fact, it is estimated that about 3 million older adults are treated for fall injuries every year.

With an increased risk of injury, you need to do what you can to protect your health and safety. With personal emergency response system and fall-detection pendants, you can do a lot to make sure your health and safety are protected. If you fall, the device can connect you with an operator, and that operator can make sure you get the help you need.

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Maintain Independence Living With In-Home Emergency Systems

Another reality for older people is that they might need more help around the house. As your family starts to worry about you being injured, they might want to talk about moving you to assisted living. In some cases, this might be the only option, but having the protection of a PERS emergency response device can help you stay at home.

With reliable protection from an emergency alert button, you can feel safe staying at home for longer. Along with that, we have mobile PERS devices that work on LTE and have GPS capabilities. With these devices, you can get assistance when you are at home or when you are out. With this type of protection, you will be able to maintain your independence for longer, and your family will feel better about you being on your own.

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Keeping Individuals Safe and Flexible Options for Every Lifestyle

Out at-home PERS equipment can be a great option for many older adults. The pendants can provide the protection they need, and they can live at home without a worry for how they will get help if they have an accident. But what about older people who are more active? What if you still go out to handle your own errands or if you still have hobbies that take you out of the house?

This is where our On-the-Go systems can be useful. With these devices, you have a PERS pendant that you can take anywhere. The devices have GPS and they connect over a mobile network. Instead of having the base station with two-way audio, the communications are integrated in with the pendant. That means you get the protection of a PERS unit everywhere you go. Just like with the at-home systems, all you have to do is press the button to be connected to an operator. You can tell them where you are and the type of help you need or they can use GPS to find your location. It is the ultimate protection for active seniors.

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Emergency Support and Security You Need

The risk of falling is one that many seniors face, but there’s no need to worry if you have Lifelink USA. A senior assistance device has been designed with safety features specifically tailored towards people aged 60+ years old.

Whether you need personal emergency response devices for seniors, Lifelink USA has you covered. We are one of the leading names for safety and security in the USA.

Our in-home senior assistance can be worn and used when needed to help if a fall becomes too dangerous or life-threatening. Please contact our team to learn more about personal response systems.

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Live a Fuller Life While Having the Protection of a Medical Alert System

Our home medical alert devices offer the perfect solution for seniors who want home healthcare while being able to manage their own lives with added protection from 24/7 emergency response.
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